Saving BargainsLtd:

Our Projects

1. GotvanSameday Courier services. Free Quote & Online payment. NationalSame day Courier, Parcel, Pallet, Delivery Services with Any Vanneeded. For All Business & House hold delivery need's. The costefficient way to Speed Courier your goods on time. Save up to 15% onpresent Courier charges. From 65 p/mile - T&C apply. Highefficiency with Low costs. Budget Courier Couriers.

2. Gotlocally- Find all Products & Services locally. Local Businesses -Product & Services Near You. GotLocally aim to bring the easy andaffordable experience on Your mobile. We are working to bringtogether all the Local Businesses - Product & Services Near Youin Your Locality in one place on your mobile. Merchants can sign upand sell in multiple locations globally.

3. GotLocally- Small Business Solutions - Find any thing any where. GotLocally aim tobring the easy and affordable experience on Your mobile. We areworking to bring together all the Local Businesses together in oneplace on your mobile. Merchants can sign up and sell any thing anywhere globally.

4. Kidsmodels- Your Kid Our Star - Kids Models for all Small Businesses. Parentscan sign up and upload their kids photos with stories on our securesite where small businesses can only view them after signing up andtake an appointment with Kids Models UK for a meeting with theparents to make their Products Twinkle with Our Super Stars.

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